what is hack your future about?

A passionate and diverse community

Volunteers who truly care

A dedicated team

A family where empowerment is key

A network related to the tech world

Our mission

We aim to empower refugees by teaching them the necessary skills for a career in software development. We believe coding can help people in disadvantaged situations live up to their potential, get back control of their own lives and be an important change to their environment.

Our vision

We believe in an IT world where everyone has access to open knowledge and open education, in order to participate actively in society. We believe diversity is essential on IT company floors, which can be increased by hiring our graduates as junior web developers.


HackYourFuture was initially founded in 2015 in Amsterdam.
Because our curriculum is 100% open, the school was replicated in many countries, including Belgium in 2018.

All International Chapters share the aim to enable refugees and disadvantaged people to build digital skills for a career in web development, facilitate the integration of newcomers, and address the shortage of qualified workforce in the IT sector.

Our team

Daniel Halasz

Educational Officer


Hind Channa

Communication and Community Officer


Lizhen Xu

General Manager


Hack Your Future

Avenue de Tervueren 142 1150 Bruxelles